My final project for Design for Media will consist of making a wooden 52-card deck (with 2 Jokers)based off of fairy tale characters. The card designs will be created on photoshop and later printed and transferred onto thin balsa wood (1/32″). Like in a card deck, the design on the back of the deck will repeat in each of the cards. Instead of using the usual hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs I will use crowns, frogs, dagger, and a genie lamp. The Jack, King, Queen, Ace, and Jokers will have more complicated illustrations.

Tuesday Thursday
Week 00 Idea and task managementOrder wood
Week 01 Beginning rough sketches of illustrations Sketches of the deck of cards
Week 02 Some basic card illustrations Cards 2-10 of crowns, frogs, daggers, and lamps
Week 03 Started Kings and Queens illustrations Finished Kings and Queens illustrations
Week 04 Started Jack and Joker illustrations Finished Jack illustrations
Week 05 Wood transfers Finished wood transfers

Some reference images include:

The card deck.

The frog, the crown, the daggers/swords, the lamp.

Wood greeting cards.