After much time and effort, I present to you the final shadow puppet show “One Wish”.
Music: Pan’s Labyrinth Lullaby (piano cover by Sebastian Wolff)
Task division
Task Time Estimated Time Taken
Storyboarding 120 minutes 210 minutes
Character design 120 minutes 85 minutes
Creating the set (Photograph, Photoshop, and stand) 80 minutes 140 minutes
Little girl puppet 80 minutes 55 minutes
Djinn Snake form 120 minutes 75 minutes
Djinn Human form 100 minutes 60 minutes
Bear with Chains 60 minutes 55 minutes
Extra objects (thinking bubble, clouds of smoke) 60 minutes 130 minutes
Practice (shooting and editing) 120 minutes 210 minutes
Final video (shooting and editing) 130 minutes 240 minutes
Total time 990 minutes 1260 minutes
I am really pleased with how the final came out. From making the silhouettes to creating the background and shooting the stop motion, the whole project has been pretty fun. I want to continue making shadow puppets and maybe actually making them move in real life, not just in stop motion. The visuals of the shadow puppets, the contrast of the figures in the background and even how they move really appeals to me.
For making the actual animation, this is what my setup was like:

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An extra there is another background that I made for the orphanage scene.
I want to create more intricate settings and characters, along with longer and more complicated stories in the puppet show form in the future. Maybe in my final project? I guess we will just have to see.