For my third week progress, I planned to practice moving the characters. The most difficult movement in the animation is the walk cycle so I decided to focus on that.

During the weekend I primarily worked on finishing the orphanage where the girl lives, a separate window and making the teddy bear. I practiced some of the movements on the window. One of the biggest problems I faced was maintaing the puppets on the glass without them falling. Another problem was that the masking tape that I was using made it difficult to move the characters. I switched to using scrapbooking tape which worked much better to move the character.

One of the points I tried to achieve was the sky changing colors do to the sunset. Out of all the attempts at a walk cycle, the following is the best one. I still need more work on moving  the legs, but each time I get better! Another thing I realized when I passed the photographs is that at night you can see reflected what is actually going on inside the apartment, including me moving around. Things to fix next time.

I got around to practicing the walk cycle over 10 times with the goal of making the character reach the part where she kneels down on the ground. Most of the attempts didn’t even reach halfway to where she kneels before she would fall or something would look wrong and I would have to start over. I was only able to actually reach where she kneels down twice but in the first walk her movements were too rough, it got better in the second one but it still needs improvement. Now with the experience and the new adhesive, everything should go better.

Task Division:

Task Time Estimated Time Taken
Extra objects (clouds of smoke, teddy bear, orphanage, window) 60 minutes 130 minutes
Practice (walk cycle) and editing video 120 minutes 210 minutes
Total time 180 minutes 340 minutes

I enjoy the idea of not using the usual shadow puppet show background. For example, using the actual cityscape from my window.

Another idea that occurred to me recently while photographing the final puppets was using the television or computer as my background. I could take either a photograph or make a background on photoshop and use it as my background, not printed but directly as a light source from the back. As examples:

So, that as an idea I would like to add a poll over which of the 3 options would be better. The first option would be the one seen previously in the videos posted whereas the other 2 options would be images created by me and previewed on a television.