The characters!

I painted over the silhouettes with sharpie at first, then I realized I could see some markings of the pen so I repainted them with acrylic. I had only done the bear when I realize that the paint covered some of the small cuts done on the bear. So I decided to recut the bear and just do a second layer of sharpie.

Task Time Estimated Time Taken
Little girl puppet 80 minutes 55 minutes
Djinn Snake form 120 minutes 75 minutes
Djinn Human form 100 minutes 60 minutes
Bear with Chains 60 minutes 55 minutes
Extra objects (clouds of smoke) 60 minutes 30 minutes
Total time 965 minutes 275 minutes
I did not take as long as I expected to do the puppets. I actually think I would have been able to work faster if I had been better with an exact knife and not messed up small details like the fingers and smoke of the Djinn or the fur on the bear and had to redo them. I started the background but since the trees are mostly all one piece on delicate tracing paper I cut some parts wrong and decided to start from scratch. The smoke actually has a 4 layers of prisma color marker paint whereas the feather head of the snake has 3, hence the difference in the strength of the color.
Here is an update of the images.