Alright, so I was thinking on the direction I was going with my project. I thought of a wonderful storyline for my original idea and was content over creating it. I started doing the storyboards for the project when I began thinking of how Ron Saks had presented today and how he mentioned different ways to tell a story. At the beginning of the presentation he mentioned he had talked about “Tell Us a Story” before and puppets were involved. It was then I realized “this story would be best portrayed in shadow puppets, moving limbs and all!”

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Although I was content with my other idea, I had the burst of energy I was originally missing to create the previous project. I will create the puppets using card stock over a light board and film using stop motion. I plan for the video to be around 1 minute in length.

The Story:

It all starts with a small girl (made with card stock) who is drawing on the sidewalk with chalk (red colored transparency paper)
When the child gets up from drawing on the sidewalk, a djinn appears from the ground where her drawing was.
The genie proceeds offer the girl one wish.
Girl wishes for a real teddy bear.
A large threatening bear appears, held by chains.
The bear then eats the girl.
Task division (General overview)
Task Time Estimated Time Taken
Storyboarding 120 minutes minutes
Character design 120 minutes minutes
Creating the set 80 minutes minutes
Little girl puppet 80 minutes minutes
Djinn Snake form 120 minutes minutes
Djinn Human form 100 minutes minutes
Bear with Chains 60 minutes minutes
Extra objects (thinking bubble, clouds of smoke) 60 minutes minutes
Creating stop motion video 180 minutes minutes
Editing video 45 minutes minutes
Total time 965 minutes minutes