“A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep” -Disney’s Cinderella

For this project I want to focus on the way a dream builds up. How in a dream you can be one person or another, in your home or an unknown place. Sometimes dreams don’t make sense. You wonder why the place is physically unknown but it has the feeling of home. Or sometimes you recognize someone in a dream yet they do not act as they do in real life. Sometimes dreams are exciting, fun, even beautiful. Yet sometimes they turn sinister and you feel as if you can’t control anything that goes on, you feel trapped. Dreams are chaotic, one moment something is happening and in the next everything has changed.

My character’s dream begins slowly.The original b&w image of the character standing changes little by little as transparent layers are added.

First layer: B&W photo

The scenery begins to change from a blank white background to colorful curtains and the figure gains a bit of color also.

Street art and Gustav Klimt as inspiration.

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For now, I haven’t been able to install photoshop onto my computer (and my old computer decided to be evil and slow) but I was able to do a quick video of what the transparent pages will look like as they add on in the book. This is not how the final will seem, the photograph is not the one I will be using either. But to just give the idea before I buy the transparency papers and pens, this works.