The fourth and final video of the series!

Task Time Estimated Time Taken
Find models and set times for separate shoots 30 minutes 10 minutes
Set up lighting and backdrop for the videos 30 minutes total 45 minutes
Shoot video, adjust the lighting in every shot 60 minutes total 90 minutes
Pass video to computer 10 minutes total 35 minutes
Convert to Black & White images 15 minutes total 10 minutes
Editing, finding music, converting to Quicktime, and uploading. 120 minutes total 110 minutes
Edit the final presentation: Four videos together 30 minutes 180 minutes
Total time 295 minutes 480 minutes

Brief summary:

The fourth, and final, video was filmed in my dorm’s bathtub. For this video, I used both my Canon EOS Rebel T1i and a waterproof Kodak camera (both shoot in HD.) The bathtub, although uncomfortable, was the only place I could submerge the model in water and keep the black background. Also, it’s pretty hard to find someone with a pool in Columbus and it would still be difficult to add a dark background. The biggest difficulties I found in using the bathtub was that te underwater camera was too close to the body when submerged, and as I worked under water I could barely see the screen of the camera. Another problem was that the water was very shallow, and when the models submerged their heads only part of their noses would be under water and thus water would go up their nose.

I wanted to place emphasis on the light on the body when it is submerged in water both from in the water and outside the water. One of my favorite effects would be making the body part disappear under the water, like when the hand splashes into the water. Most of the water was clear, but in some shots it was intentionally murky to blur out parts of the body in the water. One of the suggestions I was given was to be aware of how the body looks in the water and to not just make it seem as if it was someone taking a bath. I went back into the editing and revised the shots to give more importance as to how the water affected the look of the body, not so much as to what the person was doing. The main point being how the different materials make the body look and give a sense of feeling the material.As my final presentation, I wanted to show all four videos. Originally, they were all to be on the same screen horizontally and each taking turns being played from left to right. Modifications were made because I found that the video would be a bit long to watch. Also if they were horizontal it would look too small on a computer screen.The most that I like about playing all four together in the stacked format is that abstract shaped are formed and united as the videos go on. Each second forming a different puzzle. This is also the reason why I did not leave black spaces between each part.Making the final presentation took much longer than I anticipated because at first I tried on After Effects to create the video based on my original idea (horizontal, each separate plays) and did not like the result midway. Then, I worked on Final Cut Pro and although it went well at first I realized I had exported some videos the wrong size and had to re-export them. Also, the rendering of the videos took a long time.

What have I left to say about this project? Well, I will definitely be making more videos in the future. I enjoyed making the videos and am very pleased with the final results! Not only did I experiment with filming the videos but I also learned how to use iMovie, Final Cut Pro, and After Effect (a little.)

To end this post I would like to add a little extra present in the form of a blooper reel.