Task Time Estimated Time Taken
Find models and set times for separate shoots 30 minutes 20 minutes
Storyboarding 20 minutes 30 minutes
Find sand 45 minutes 180 minutes
Set up lighting and backdrop for the videos 30 minutes total 50 minutes
Shoot video, adjust the lighting in every shot 60 minutes total 120 minutes
Pass video to computer 10 minutes total 20 minutes
Convert to Black & White images 15 minutes total 15 minutes
Editing, finding music, converting to Quicktime, and uploading. 120 minutes total 150 minutes
Total time 330 minutes 585 minutes

Brief summary:

The third time around seemed to be easier to find models. I used four models, three of them models I had not used previously.

Originally, I had planned to use mud instead of sand, but after adventuring to find the right mud (dark, slightly clumped, that stays thick with some water) I realized it was too hard to find. I decided to change to dark colored sand. My first option was to go to Lowe’s but the sand the had was 50 lbs, too heavy to carry to the bus and back to school. Also, it was too light for the effect I wanted to create. Michael’s was my next option and luckily I was able to find black sand there. Unfortunately, the sand they sell does not have the properties that I wanted the sand to have (It did not clump as if to make sand castles.)

I had to find another place to film so I would not risk getting sand on the carpeted floor of my dorm. The models and I gathered and shot the video at a friend’s house whose kitchen had tiled floors. Needless to say, there was sand everywhere and even after cleaning there is sand everywhere.

Editing was not as hard, although for some reason iMovie kept freezing at the beginning of my video. I could not find out what was happening, but it seemed to correct itself. Finding the correct song took longer than on the second video and I had to edit out some pauses in the music.

In its totality, the video ended up being way different than I expected, but I am still pleased.