The time has come to post the breaking down of tasks and how everything is going.

Task Time Estimated Time Taken
Find models and set times for separate shoots 30 minutes total
Storyboarding 20 minutes 35 minutes
Mix paint 5 minutes 5 minutes
Set up lighting and backdrop for the videos 30 minutes total
Shoot video, adjust the lighting in every shot 60 minutes total
Pass video to computer 10 minutes total
Convert to Black & White images 15 minutes total
Editing, finding music, converting to Quicktime, and uploading. 120 minutes total
Total time 290 minutes

Brief summary:

Storyboarding is not easy, at all. I spent more time storyboarding than I expected. I had to take in consideration the movement of the paint along with the body movement and the transitions between shots.

My models have not been available, but my plans are to capture the video today and have all of tonight and tomorrow to edit.