Task Time Estimated Time Taken
Find models and set times for separate shoots 30 minutes total 30 minutes
Set up lighting and backdrop for the videos 30 minutes total 15 minutes
Shoot video, adjust the lighting in every shot 60 minutes total 40 minutes
Pass video to computer 10 minutes total 15 minutes
Convert to Black & White images 15 minutes total 15 minutes
Editing, finding music, converting to Quicktime, and uploading. 120 minutes total 330 minutes
Total time 265 minutes 445 minutes
A little summary of how it all came to be:

I must explain that I have never actually worked on a video before. Yes, I film scenes with friends on my phone and maybe on my camera, but I have never actually done a project in which I made a video.

Whereas in photography I have to think of the best shot to represent a series of movements, in video I had to be careful not only of the model’s movements, but also my movements and the lighting’s movement. I kept having to retake the same scenes to get exactly what I wanted.

My main focus on the setting was to have the darkest background possible to enhance the figure. That involved moving my lamp around more than I expected.

Once the video scenes were passed on the computer, the hardest part began. Editing the scenes so they wouldn’t be too long and would fit together consecutively in the way that I wanted seemed simple at first, until I started feeling that the scenes worked better in other areas. Finding good, appropriate and royalty free music took me over an hour to find. Luckily, the song Symbiosis fit perfectly.

I had some problems adding the music in iMovie, but after a big ordeal of exporting and importing the video back to iMovie, I was able to get what I planned. This is how I got my final result, which I am very happy with.