My idea for the Design for Media project is to make a black and white video of human figures as landscape moving naturally. Most will be slow movements, with few quick movements of the body. The shots will be close-ups of different parts of the body and face.

The first week the figures will be nude.

The second week the nude figures will be covered in mud, leaving tracks on the surface they move on. The mud will be used to give a varied texture on the body. The effect of the cracking mud when it dries will also be part of the video.

The third week the figures will be covered in tempera paint instead of mud. The tempera used will be black, white, and varying grays. It will be watery to create a dripping effect.

The fourth week the figure will be under water, the video taken from above.

Each video will be around one to two minutes long.

These pieces of photographs give a slight idea of what the video will consist of.