D4M Final Project

My goal at the beginning of this project was to create whole wooden card deck based on fairytales. Each card is sturdy enough to play with yet thin enough to bend. I was able to create the individual illustrations for each suite along with the King, Queen, Jack and Jokers. The fairytales that inspired the deck include The Snow Queen, The Frog King, Beauty and the Beast, and Snow White.


Prints and an example

These are the images I printed on 11×17 paper on the laser printers. I also show you a little example of how they transfer!


The Jacks and Aces are all done!

Jack Sketches!

Here are some quick sketches of the designs for the Jacks! Look at the previous posts for any doubts or more information.

Kings and Queens all together

I was able to finish all the Kings and Queens in the deck! I also decided to add all the other cards in his post also.

Each suite has elements from the fairytale it is based on. The card symbols like the frog, the apple, the snowflake, and the rose are important elements to each fairytale. To connect the Kings and Queens, I added the symbol to tie them better together with the deck.

The characters were all made in Photoshop. The designs for the Kings were first sketched out, but for the Queens I just went right ahead and made them in Photoshop. I tried my best to steer away from their Disney interpretations but I must admit it was very hard. I even found myself listening to music from the Disney movies as I made them. Yet I did not want to disregard the original stories and just completely make my own interpretation of the characters. In all, I used the original stories as my influence.

Beast was the most difficult character to make, even with using a texture (which in reality made it harder I think.) The goblin/devil from The Snow Queen was my favorite character to make, it was an experience to use texture yet avoid giving a flat feel to it.


Kings and Queens

Only the Frog Queen and Beauty (Belle) left!

Project 03 Week 02

The suites have been divided into separate fairytales! Now each suite represents one fairytale and 3 characters will pose as King, Queen and Jack depending on power/importance in the story.

And as promised, this week I present to you the final 2-10 cards of each suite. Remember they will be printed on wood so instead of white they will have the wood grain effect.


Seeing as I am ahead (I did more than planned last week) yet at the same time stuck in one spot, I dedicated this weekend to doing research ( Hans Cristian Andersen and the Brothers Grimm). I think I have read enough fairytales to fuel a lifetime.

I fixed up some ideas: Instead of Don Quijote and Rapunzel, I will be doing Sinbad and The Little Mermaid.

But then doubts pop up like: Should I do each suite as a separate fairytale? Ex. Frog Prince, Little Mermaid, Goldilocks and the Three bears etc.

Or should I keep mixing various fairytales?

Should I use well-known fairytales or use some uncommon ones?

Also, the specific wood I ordered for this project has not arrived, but luckily I am not at that stage yet.

Project 03 Week 01

For the first week of updates I present to you my rough sketches! These give a general idea of what the composition for each of the King, Queens, Jacks, and Suites look like.


I put in some extra hours and was able to get more than I expected done. Once I started working I couldn’t stop so I got the basics of the 2-10 cards done.


The first part of my project consists of making sketches of what my cards will look like.

For the first sketches I have what the main cards will have on them. The folioing include the borders, the frog, the crown, the sword, and the crown.